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Patch Notes - April 12, 2017

Posted on : 2017-04-12 12:00:00.0 View : 2218

Gamble Updates
Infinite Chest
- Hand of Midas (30 Days) Title Guidebook
- Sefirot's Powerful Set Coupon
- Seres' Blessing (30 Days) Guidebook
- Monster Kitty Set Coupon
La Deck
[1st Place]
- Seres' Blessing (30 Days) Guidebook
- Petite Degos Coupon
- Bork Coupon
[2nd Place]
- Hoppity Coupon
- Griffin Coupon
- Little Panda Coupon
- Lulu Coupon
- Honey Bee Coupon
[3rd Place]
- Gema's Fashion Coupon
- Hero's Title Guidebook Exchange Coupon
- Little Black Cat Coupon
- Dark Devil Coupon
- Little Lovely Toby Coupon
[4th Place]
- Legendary Afterimage Case
- Pet Reassign Puzzle x2
- Effect Ring Coupon
[5th Place]
- Emotional Box
- Advanced Enchant Remedy x3
- Superior Item Artifact (7 Days) Guidebook x2
- Knight's Ruby Weapon Box
[6th Place]
- Prime Item Nostrum x2
- Syrup Coupon
- Immortal Plant (30 Days) x2
[7th Place]
- Enchant Remedy x3
- Greater Super Enchantment Puzzle Coupon x3
- EXP Nostrum
[8th Place]
- Guild Crop Seed Box x3
- Grape Can
[9th Place]
- Lesser Super Enchantment Puzzle Coupon
- [Event] Elixir Box
- Gold Splurge 2 Emoticon Guidebook x3
[10th Place]
- Master's Hand Title Guidebook (1/2000) x5
- Master's Hand Title Guidebook (1/10000) x10
For a complete list of gamble box items, please refer to our Forum Thread.
Fashion Shop Updates
- Wisp and Monsieur Skull have been added to the Fashion Shop!
(You can find this item under Pet -> Pet pg.1 or Recommended pg.2)
Bug Fixes

- Gallus' Magical Hairpin's missing label for Item Codex has been corrected.
- Soulless One's growth skill descriptions have been corrected.
- Combo time of Sword Summon II, Luminous Destruction, and Golden Shot II have been corrected.
- Various minor text fixes.
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