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Season 2: STORM is finally here!

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Re-imagined level design

Step into La Tale and discover a completely re-imagined world, as all towns and fields have been redesigned!

Not only are there shorter routes to travel from town to town, but monsters in fields now match the level of surrounding towns!


Beware, as the monster levels of the following maps have also changed!

map region before and now table

Re-imagined level design:Explore the wondrous world of La Tale again!

The resurrection point for all characters is now at the last saved Tombstone of Return or in Belos if you didn't save.


With a re-imagined world, all quests in La Tale have been revamped and the rewards are greater than before!

revamped image

Some NPCs in town give General Quests gifting you with various rewards. You can now also get these quests from NPCs located at the Stone of Iris in fields near the towns!

revamped image

Find the NPC in some towns' restaurant/bar to get Daily Quests. Complete up to 10 quests every day and receive EXP as your reward! New Daily Quests appear at every 10th level.

revamped image

Go to the Request Board in any town to obtain quests. You can receive the same rewards more than once, as Request Quests can be repeated!

revamped image

Look for the Random Board in Elias and Guild Association to obtain quests of all difficulty levels. Complete up to 2 Random Quests each day and receive Paprika as your reward, which can be used to trade for various items!

revamped image

In every town and in some fields, there is a Wanted Board with quests asking you to capture a specific Boss Monster. Go after that Boss Monster and get ELY as your reward!

revamped image

Scenario and Sub Scenario Quests have been renewed, allowing you to experience and enjoy different stories in La Tale. As you progress in-game, these quests will be automatically given to you, but only one quest can be accepted at a time.

revamped image

Quests for class advancements are now more balanced and gift better rewards!

revamped image

Challenge yourself by accepting Dungeon Master Quests! Find a specific item drop and in return, you can fight against a Dungeon Boss Monster!

revamped image

Guild Quests now have two types of Guild Mission Scrolls. The maximum number of Guild Point items have also increased and you can gain reputation points in fields and instant dungeons!

revamped image

Due to the revamped quest system, any previous quest progress has been reset at the launch of STORM. You'll need to accept that quest again!

renewed class experience

Advance faster in La Tale, as Second and Third Class advancements can now be made at lower levels! Change to Second Class at Lv. 50 and Third Class at Lv. 100! Getting to the next class has never been easier!

Battle your way to the top and reach the new max. level with the unlocking of Lv. 200!

click here to see details on each calss' skill tree

Players with existing characters before the launch of STORM will find their skills reset. Please set your skills again!

improved enchanting system

Upgrading your gear just got easier, as there is now ONE unified system for you to enchant, strengthen, and level-down items!

Enchant items have also been streamlined! For enchanting or leveling-down a stat attribute, you now only need a Puzzle or Cube! To increase your success rate, use a Low Level Super Puzzle or High Level Super Puzzle!

improved enchanting system

If you had any of the previous enchant items, which have now been removed or replaced at the launch of STORM, you received an ELY refund based on the shop price.

Shop System

Sort items by category using the pull-down menu when you view a Shop.

To buy items in select amounts, use SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK!

Quick Slot Expansion

Use up to a total of 48 slots, with the ability to put in MISC and EVENT items!

Go to Options > Settings > Extend Quick slot, and check 'Extendable Quick Slot'.

Beauty Shop Preview

Preview your character at all angles with Side View and Back View now available!

Looting System

Set your Pet to auto loot specific items!

Cancel the loot and let your Party Members see what's in the Item Bag for their taking!

Character Slot Expansion

Get more characters by unlocking the 5th character slot!

Combined Elemental Stones

Elemental Stones have been combined into one, so you can use all 4 elements in combat!

Special Elemental Stones remain the same, but are stronger than before!

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