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LaTale - May 26th Update

Posted on : 2011-05-25 22:00:00.0 View : 5584

Character Name Wipes

Don’t worry though!  We will be wiping old character names of characters who have not logged on for over a year.  All you need to do to preserve a character name is to log back on before we do the wipe.
Players will have a month starting from May 26th in order to come back and log into the game.  If you’ve logged into the game on that character, the name will be saved.  All other characters who do not log in during the period will lose their names.
What does this mean for other players?  It means that more names will also become available again for any new characters you make!

New Outfits, and Items

New Outfits


 Time to strike up two new fashion sets.  This update brings with it two brand new Fashion sets you can adorn and flaunt off.  Comes both in a bulk set bundle or individual pieces if you want to create a unique and special look that is all your own!


New Beginnings Package, Radiant Elixir, and Character Slot Card

That’s not all though, we are also bringing back the Character Slot Card along with the Radiant Elixir and a new bundle package called the New Beginnings Package.  If you ever wanted to level a new class, there’s never been a better time with these slick new items.

These items are sure to get a secondary character up and leveled quickly!

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