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Maintenance Notice - October 22, 2014 @ 7PM PST/OGT!_ Completed
Patch is going to happen at 7PM PST/OGT TODAY!!! KYAAAAH!  Server Maintenance is now complete. Enjoy today's Halloween Patch~!!!
Posted 10-22-2014
Point Shop - Exploited Points Removal
This is an important announcement in regards to Point Shop! PLEASE READ!
Posted 10-21-2014
Upcoming Patch - October 22, 2014
There will be a maintenance for a patch update on October 22, 2014! Read more about it here! It's your last chance to get your hands on those Full Moon Cookies, Soulless Set, Sefirot Set, and Windsatlker Set until October 22, 2014!!!  - La Tale Team
Posted 10-17-2014
Maintenance Notice - 10 PM PT, OGT, October 9th, 2014_Completed
There will be a maintenance at 10PM PT, OGT, on October 9th, 2014! Here's a small summary of what's to come, including the removal of Kazno's Coins! :( ...but there are good updates too, we promise. ;) Server maintenance is now completed!
Posted 10-07-2014
Emergency Maintenance Notice- September 25th 7:00PM_Complete
Emergency bug fix patch hass ben applied! Read here to find out more.
Posted 09-25-2014
La Tale Server Maintenance Notice- September 24th, 2014_ Completed
 Hello, La Talers, we are having Starry Cats restaurant episode patch update from 9:00 PM OGT/PST. Server Maintenance is now complete. Thank you for your patience. -La Tale Team
Posted 09-24-2014
Login issue has been resolved!!
Log in issue identified around at 11 PM (PDT) on September 16th has been resolved! Sorry for the inconvenience, and check out for the upcoming events soon for us to make up! 
Posted 09-17-2014
Brief Server Maintenance - 9/09/2014_Completed
Hello La Talers,   Emergency server maintenance is now complete!!!   Network issue has been resolved~, thanks for your patience and support as always!   In return, we will be throwing Double XP +Double IDR events until 14th from now!   Enjoy it~!   Thank you,   -La Tale Team  
Posted 09-09-2014
Server Maintenance Notice_Completed
There will be a server maintenance at 12:00AM PST (3:00AM EST) today!  Server Maintenance is now complete!!!
Posted 09-04-2014
Emergency Maintenance - September 3, 2014_Completed
A quick emergency maintenance today at 6:00PM OGT/PST! It won't take long~. Server maintenance is complete.
Posted 09-03-2014
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