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  • Events

    Gema the Easter Bunny

    Easter 2017.

    Posted On : 04-12-2017

  • Events

    Devil's Contract

    Devil's Mountain.

    Posted On : 03-22-2017

  • Events

    Be My Valentine

    Celebrate V-Day with Sweet Events! 

    Posted On : 02-09-2017

  • Events

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    Celebrate the Year of the Rooster with La Tale!

    Posted On : 01-25-2017

  • Events

    Path of Divinity

    Your quest for divine power starts now!

    Posted On : 12-19-2016

  • Events

    Black Friday Special

    Blackout weekend sale! A new deal is released each day!

    Posted On : 11-24-2016

  • Events

    November Spender's Event

    Spender's Event is back with more rewarding bonuses! Check out what's in store!

    Posted On : 11-16-2016

  • Events

    Halloween Battle Royale

    Survive the Battle Royale and collect Battle Royale Coins! May the odds be ever in your favor.

    Posted On : 10-19-2016

  • Events

    Aurora Garden Party

    Aurora Garden is blooming with love! Come join Queen Aurora at the Garden Party!

    Posted On : 09-28-2016

  • Events

    8th Anniversary Events

    Celebrating La Tale's 8th Anniversary!

    Posted On : 09-07-2016

  • Events

    August Login Event

    Log in daily to receive awesome prizes!

    Posted On : 08-24-2016

  • Events

    Weekend Spender's Raffle Event - Round 2

    Round 2 of the Rare Pet Raffle! Win a Bork Coupon!

    Posted On : 07-22-2016

  • Events

    Weekend Spender's Raffle Event - Round 1

    Rare pet raffle is back!

    Posted On : 07-15-2016

  • Events

    Sizzling Summer Events!

    Summertime is here! Join the GM every Monday for a monster bash, participate in La Tale Twitter trivia to win a prize of your choice, flaunt your gameplay skills and share your expertise for all La Talians to see for a chance to be chosen for the grand prize!

    Posted On : 07-05-2016

  • Events

    Legend & Fantasy

    Receive rewards for daily logins, climb up the ranks by defeating monsters, and don't miss the hot time to enchant! Check out the Legend & Fantasy events!

    Posted On : 06-15-2016

  • Events

    May Spender's Event

    If you may spend, then you could win! Fill out your feathers with prizes, and a chance at a lead bird: the Great Hoot Hoot!

    Posted On : 05-12-2016

  • Events

    Spring Login Event

    Spring up and log in for bonus prizes!

    Posted On : 05-11-2016

  • Events

    Hop To It!

    Prove your eggsperience in these eggceptionally eggstravagant egg-...vents!

    Posted On : 03-24-2016

  • Events

    Unknown Warehouse

    Don't let these event details stay Unknown... A Warehouse-full of prizes await you!

    Posted On : 03-09-2016

  • Events

    The Things We Do For Love

    Are you and your Valentine the perfect pair, or destined for demise?!

    Posted On : 02-11-2016

  • Events

    Lunar New Year

    Turn over a new tail with La Tale during New Year's!

    Posted On : 01-29-2016

  • Events

    January Login Event

    Login daily to receive awesome prizes!

    Posted On : 01-10-2016

  • Events

    12 Days of Christmas

    Celebrate the holidays with La Tale!

    Posted On : 12-13-2015

  • Events

    Winter's Tale

    The long-awaited episode(s) update is here! Counterattack & Vagrant!

    Posted On : 12-09-2015

  • Events

    Black Friday Special

    Check out the special Flash Sales section in our Fashion Shop! Quantities are limited, so hurry before they are sold out!

    Posted On : 11-25-2015

  • Events

    November Spender's Event

    Receive epic prizes while you shop at our Fashion Shop until the end of the month!

    Posted On : 11-12-2015

  • Events

    November Login Event

    Login daily to receive awesome prizes!

    Posted On : 11-01-2015

  • Events

    La Tale 7th Anniversary

    Happy 7th Anniversary, La Tale!

    Posted On : 09-21-2015

  • Events

    LTNA - 3rd Season: Infinity

    3rd Season: Infinity is finally here!

    Posted On : 08-19-2015

  • Events

    Pre-Infinity Rumble

    Hype up your summer with PRE-INFINITY RUMBLE events in La Tale! Click here to find out more!

    Posted On : 07-08-2015

  • Events

    Genesis Events

    Are you ready to face Kazno and Odin? Celebrate the Genesis episode with these events! Click here to find out more!

    Posted On : 05-20-2015

  • Events

    Genesis Countdown Boost

    Genesis is coming, but are you prepared? Here's a 12-day EXP boost event to help you achieve your goals!

    Posted On : 05-07-2015

  • Events

    Spring Cleaning with La Tale!

    Spring is finally here! Help us clean up La Tale and defeat the evil tree monsters! Exchange the Golden Apples for awesome rewards~

    Posted On : 04-08-2015

  • Events

    Springing Delight

    Greetings La Talers, Spring Time is upon us, come check out what we have in stored for delightful daily prizes!

    Posted On : 03-16-2015

  • Events

    Traveling Shopaholics

    Greetings La Talers, Are you packed for time travel yet? Check out our shop in case you forgot something!

    Posted On : 03-02-2015

  • Events

    Time Traveler II Events

    Greetings La Talers, Are you as fast as you think you are? Dare to accept the challenge? Click here to find out more!

    Posted On : 02-25-2015

  • Events

    Lovely Lovely February 2015

    February is the time for loooooooove~ Let us show you how much we love you. OwO

    Posted On : 02-06-2015

  • Events

    Back to the Time Traveler

    GET READY! Time Traveler: Revisited patch is coming on February 25, 2015! To get you buffed up for the upcoming episode patch, we're giving away tons of items! COUNT DOWN WITH US!!!

    Posted On : 02-06-2015

  • Events

    Let It Snow~!

    Is it snowing where you live? Do you want GM Dogeful to PVP with you? Do you want a Gema's Fashion Coupon? Do you even like snow? Well then, let it snow~!

    Posted On : 01-14-2015

  • Events

    Winter Jewel Festival!

    Oooh! Shinies! Time to collect them all!

    Posted On : 01-01-2015

  • Events

    Happy New Year!

    2015 is coming upon us! LET'S GET SOME COOL EVENTS ROLLING OUT!~

    Posted On : 12-29-2014

  • Events

    After Holiday Sales!

    Wow! Just look at all these FANTASTIC deals! Check it out!

    Posted On : 12-25-2014

  • Events

    Special Winter Event <3

    Happy holidays, La Tale! Tons of goodies to receive, and a lot of monsters to defeat! Come check it out!

    Posted On : 12-18-2014

  • Events

    Choky and Platina's Wintry Wonderland Event!

    Winter events? WINTER EVENTS! Choky and Platina welcome you to their Wintry Wonderland! 

    Posted On : 12-10-2014

  • Events

    Thanksgiving with La Tale!

    We're thankful for YOU, LaTalers! Spend the Thanksgiving...with us!

    Posted On : 11-20-2014

  • Events

    Halloween Events - Pt 2!

    Here comes Gentleman Jack!!! LET'S HUNT HIM WITH FIREBALLS!!!

    Posted On : 10-22-2014

  • Events

    Halloween Events - Pt. 3!

    Events with da GMs!!! Check them ouuuuut!

    Posted On : 10-22-2014

  • Events

    Halloween Events - Pt. 1!

    Oooh!! Spooky events are here! And don't worry...we have more in-game events coming up! ;) 

    Posted On : 10-10-2014

  • Events

    Goddess Seres' Event

    Goddess Seres has an event for users anew and old. Come check it out!

    Posted On : 09-24-2014

  • Events


    Wow! It's La Tale's 6th Anniverary here with us OGP! We Wouldn't be here without you lovely La Talers, so thank you so much!  Let's celebrate our 6th anniversary with AWESOME events!! It's already on~!! Check out for the details~!

    Posted On : 09-18-2014

  • Events

    Lucky Hunters of La Tale!

    Do you feel lucky? Check out our awesome events from August 28th ~ September 14th, 2014! 

    Posted On : 08-28-2014

  • Events

    30% Summer Sales + LaDeck Double Chance is Almost Over!!

    Our 30% sales event + La Deck Double Chance are coming to an end on August 27th, 2014 at 10PM PST! 

    Posted On : 08-25-2014

  • Events

    Rohan's Treasure Box Hunting Adventure!!

    NPC Rohan from Belos City has a new in-game event for you all! CHECK IT!! 

    Posted On : 08-13-2014

  • Events

    Sizzling Summer Sale - 30% Off!!!

    Whoa!! 30% off on various items like Gold Darts of Luck, Boom Boom Box, and Character Slot Card?! CRAZY! And a new item? WHAT! BUN BUN COOKIE?! GIMME GIMME!

    Posted On : 08-13-2014

  • Events

    Explosive Summer Adventure! - August Edition 2014

    August is here, and we're gonna end our summer with a BANG! TONS of goodies for YOU! Check me out~ 

    Posted On : 08-08-2014

  • Events

    Double Triple Penta Event Begins Now~!!!

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. YOU GUYS DID IT!!!  102,569,600,000 ELY HAVE BEEN REACHED!! GREAT WORK, GUYS!!! And that's WITHOUT [GM]Dogeful's donation of 10 billion ely! 

    Posted On : 07-18-2014

  • Events

    Escaping Summer Madness

    Hello La Talers, Have you planned your escape yet for your summer adventures? Don't forget to by and check out our new events before you hit the road!! Any last minute items you might've missed? Don't hesitate, and come look! Even Dogeful T-1000 is making a kill! Click here for more details!

    Posted On : 07-10-2014

  • Events

    Steamy Summer - Hot Hot Hot

    It's getting hotter, as we have officially launched La Tale on Steam! <3 To make it even STEAMIER, we have cool packages, and a chance to win Toam + Lv. 20 Pet Coupon Box! PLUS, a Guild Event + Love Event are in SESSION! HOT HOT HOT!

    Posted On : 06-17-2014

  • Events

    Breezy Beginning of Summer Days

    Thank you for waiting patiently for our awesome events! We're going to start your summer off with new bonus items to gain from purchasing, Storm the Hero Coupon gifting, Dogeball, and finally...our Double, Triple, Penta Event! ;) Come have a look! 

    Posted On : 06-09-2014

  • Events

    Spring Shower Forecast Events and New 4th Job Events

    Hello La Talers, spring showers have arrived. And we're forecasting FUN!!!! We got some level up events, new level up packages, and much much more. Click here for more details.

    Posted On : 04-29-2014

  • Events

    Easter Thunder

    Easter Thunder is here, starting April 25th at midnight OGP Time until April 26th, 2014! This is a limited offer, so act fast or else you'll miss out on this awesome deal!  Click here for more details. 

    Posted On : 04-24-2014

  • Events

    18,000 Likes on Facebook!

    Hey La Talers,   As promised for another 1,000 likes on our Facebook page to a total of 18,000 likes! Please enjoy double IDR and triple XP event boost starting April 10th, 2014 until April 16th, 2014 at 11:59PM OGP Time. As we have posted earlier in the week, unfortunately these boost events will be coming to an end following the 20,000 likes mark! Thank you La Talers for having such high interest in our game giving us so much support! Click here for more details!

    Posted On : 04-10-2014

  • Events

    Cherry Blossom and the Chipmunks – Spring Edition

    Are you a Shy Sakura Shopper or an Ultimate Cherry Blossom Shopaholic?! Both groups will be rewarded with great prizes, including a Wish Event! We also have our Undercover Chipmunk Set pieces that you can receive through our Secret Agent Chipmunk On Duty Event, so click here for more information~  And if you don't know when the next XP & IDR Event is, you might want to read this event page! 

    Posted On : 03-26-2014

  • Events

    Forgotten Dreams, But Returning Heroes

    Did you just join La Tale? Are you back to play after a long hiatus? Do you have characters that are between level of 10-55? Well, it's your lucky month! We have 2 awesome welcome-back events with AWESOME prizes! Lv.20 Steward Stewart, Expert Hair Style Coupon, Welcome Ring, and many more, just for YOU! What are you waiting for?! Click here to find out how!

    Posted On : 03-05-2014

  • Events

    It's Over 2500 Likes!!

    Can we get an increase of 2500 Facebook Likes between now until March 31st, 2014? YES WE CAN! When we do...500% XP Boost and 300% Item Drop Rate Event + Gold Darts x 3 will be given! Click here for more information on how to help us out!

    Posted On : 02-28-2014

  • Events

    Lights! Camera! Action!

    Hey La Talers, The La Tale Team is looking for a video director! Interested in working closely with the GMs in creating fun and creative videos of La Tale adventures? Make a demo reel and show us what you've got! Auditions are now open!

    Posted On : 02-26-2014

  • Events

    Love Me, Love Me Not Event

    Happy Valentine's Day from OGP La Tale! We have 16 Romantic Bundles from Cupid, from which you can win Valentine Heart Shirts, Cap, Ring, Guidebook, and much more! Or you could participate in our attendance based event every weekend to grab cool rewards like Flour Leaf Clover Channel Mic, Taro Card, and Snow Raccoon's Set! Don't miss out! 

    Posted On : 02-12-2014

  • Events

    La Tale Global Fan Art Contest!

    Can you draw well? Do you want to win awesome prizes? If your drawing wins the Global Art Contest, it will be featured on our loading screen! Click here for more details!

    Posted On : 01-24-2014

  • Events

    La Talutions of 2014

    Hey La Talers, First update of the New Year 2014! We've got a brand new Subclass Fashion Set for you that you won't let sneak away. We've also got lots of great events lined up for everyone to kick start the year with amazing adventures. So what are you waiting for? Click here for details now!

    Posted On : 01-08-2014

  • Events

    14,000 Likes on Facebook!

    Hey La Talers,   Here we are once again La Talers! Another 1,000 likes on our Facebook page to a total of 14,000 likes! So please enjoy our double IDR and triple XP event boost starting Jan10th, 2014 at 00:00AM OGP Time until Jan16th, 2014 at 11:59PM OGP Time. Thank you La Talers for having such high interest in our game giving us so much support! Click here for more details!

    Posted On : 01-08-2014

  • Events

    Buy one take one from Christmas to New Year

    Buy one take one from Christmas to New Year   To celebrate Christmas until New Year, our top 3 best-selling items are buy one and get one free! Gold Dart of Luck, Lighters, Box of Boxes are buy one and get one free! (Starting at 2pm on 24th until midnight of Jan 1st, 2014 OGP Time)   The bonus items will be delivered to the gift bundle after 10 min of the purchase.

    Posted On : 12-24-2013

  • Events

    Snowball Fight Showdown

    Winter is here and so is snow! We know its cliche, but deep down its about the classics! Snowball fight it! If you're up for some action packed snowball action then head of to Elias at the top of the Palace every even hour to play. Click here for more details and instructions on how you can participated!

    Posted On : 12-19-2013

  • Events

    La Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas La Talers, Got your holidays all planned out? Don't miss out on your holiday adventures in La Tale as well! We've got your winter break jam packed with a login event for a rudolph set, some stocking stuffers, an in-game event and a new character event! Click for more details.

    Posted On : 12-09-2013

  • Events

    13,000 Likes on Facebook!- Reset from Dec.2nd to midnight of Dec. 8th

    Hey La Talers,   Here we are once again La Talers! Another 1,000 likes on our Facebook page to a total of 13,000 likes! So please enjoy our double IDR and triple XP event boost starting Nov 30th, 2013 at 00:00AM OGP Time until Dec 6th, 2013 at 11:59PM OGP Time. Due to event hour interuption, we have reset the event period from Dec. 2nd to midnight of Dec. 8th. Thank you La Talers for having such high interest in our game giving us so much support! Click here for more details!

    Posted On : 11-29-2013

  • Events

    La Tale is Thankful for You!

    Happy Thanksgiving La Talers! To show our appreciation we've got some amazing events for you guys! We're giving away Full Moon Cookies over Thanksgiving dinner tonight and we're also celebrating Black Friday Sales over the weekend. Click here for more details. * The items will be gifted 10 min after the midnight. Please log out before 11:59pm today to receive the prize.

    Posted On : 11-28-2013

  • Events

    Black Friday!

    Hey La Talers   Here's what we got for you today: Flying in style with wings of glory on the Griffin mount,    or looking cute and deadly with the Dark Alice Set. Also we're pulling out all the stops for    Black Friday. Everything in the Fashion Shop is 50% off and DOUBLED winning chances in La    Deck until Dec 4th. Click here for more details.

    Posted On : 11-20-2013

  • Events

    12,000 Likes on Facebook!

    Hey La Talers, Here we are once again La Talers! Another 1,000 likes on our Facebook page to a total of 12,000 likes! So please enjoy our double IDR and triple XP event boost starting Nov 19th, 2013 at 00:00AM OGP Time until Nov 25th, 2013 at 11:59PM OGP Time. Thank you La Talers for having such high interest in our game giving us so much support! Click here for more details!

    Posted On : 11-18-2013

  • Events

    Veterans Day Appreciation

    To express our gratitude and appreciation to all the veterans who have served and who are still active all over the world, let's all join together this Veteran's Day for a day of remembrance.

    Posted On : 11-08-2013

  • Events

    Velfa And Labyrinth Library

    So you think you can be the best Librarian? Clearly you haven't taken up the challenge with Liz and Fel from Velfa. Come join Liz and Fel in their epic struggle to keep the Library clean of Man-Eating Books, Flying Armors, and Story Fairies. Click here for more information.

    Posted On : 11-07-2013

  • Events

    Trick or Treat Bonus Event

    There's never enough treats for Halloween, so here's another one on us! We have heard your feedback on Gold Darts not being included. Now for today only starting at 2pm OGP Time until 11:59pm OGP Time, Gold Darts are also included in this buy one get one free sale along with Box of Boxes! For the first time since its release, Filled Spirit Bead Lv. 20 Coupon is also buy one get one free! What are you waiting for stop tricking and start treating!!

    Posted On : 10-31-2013

  • Events

    Halloween Flash Draw Event

    It's almost time for trick or treating, do you have your costume ready? If not, you're in luck! La Tale is having a Fashion Set Draw! Starting from 3pm OGP Time until midnight on Halloween, every purchase in the Fashion Shop counts as one entry into our costume draw! 5 lucky winners will receive either the Sakura Fighter Set, SWAT Set or the White Tiger Set!

    Posted On : 10-29-2013

  • Events

    Jack Returns to La Tale

    Jack has returned to La Tale adventurers! We've got some spooky new fashion items and events. Such as, a new [GM] event as well as Gentleman Jack in-game event. So what are you all waiting for, get hunting already!

    Posted On : 10-16-2013

  • Events

    La Sale!

    La Tale is having a La Sale! Certain items are buy one, get one free until September 30th!

    Posted On : 09-25-2013

  • Events

    LT Summer Send Off Event

    Summer may be over (boooooo!) but there's plenty of reason to cheer for great Back to School events in La Tale!

    Posted On : 09-09-2013

  • Events


    WE DID IT!!! 10,000 Likes on our Facebook page!

    Posted On : 08-12-2013

  • Events

    Summer Jewel Festival

    It's summertime and the La Talin' is easy! And now it's easier than ever with our Summer Jewel Festival. Just log in and play for one hour and receive fabulous prizes!

    Posted On : 08-08-2013

  • Events

    La Spenders Event Upgrade!!! and 10,000 Likes Event

    Hey La Talers!   We have heard your cries and we have listened! We are now adding BONUS prizes to our current Spender Event! Plus, there are now two additional tiers: 8000 Astros will get you a Dragon Poe Mount Coupon + Drakon Coupon and 10000 Astros will get you a Permanent Effect Ring Coupon! We’ve also added more prizes to the current tiers. In addition to the existing prizes, you’ll now also get:     200 Astros: Advanced Super Puzzle Coupon x20 500 Astros: Prime IDR Holy Water x3 750 Astros: Normal Eye Surgery Coupon, Normal Hair Style Coupon 1000 Astros: Hunter Ring (30days) 2000 Astros: Golden Hero Mask 4000 Astros: Tengu Coupon 8000 Astros: Darkon Coupon+ Dragon Poe Mount Coupon 10000 Astros: Permanent Effect Ring Coupon   If you’ve already reached one of those tiers, the bonus prizes will be delivered to your Bank starting on Tuesday, July 30th!  

    Posted On : 07-18-2013

  • Events

    DR.DOOLATALE extension!!!

    For those of you who missed a few days for the top prizes, here is your chance! 4 extra days and more pizes for perfect attendance!!!

    Posted On : 06-28-2013

  • Events

    Spring into Summer

    New episode patch is coming soon! Get ready for it! We have tons of events with fantastic prizes to gear you up for the next episode patch! You could win Pets, Effect Ring Coupon, Gold Dart of Luck, and more!

    Posted On : 06-13-2013

  • Events

    TGIF 1st Season2 Boost Event!

    Thanks to all La Talers for loving Season 2!! To appreciate your support, the Boost Event is back!!! 50% XP + IDR Boost during weekends! Details: +50% Item Drop Rate, +50% Experience gain from 12:00pm May 31st– 11:59pm June 2nd (OGP/Pacific time)       

    Posted On : 05-31-2013

  • Events

    Season 2: STORM Launch Events

    Celebrate STORM with these exciting events! You could win exclusive STORM items, Ignate's Title Coupon, Toma's Fashion Coupon, Ultimate Cloak, and even an item of your choice! All events start May 9th so check it out now! 

    Posted On : 05-09-2013

  • Events

    Gold Dart of Luck Sale Ending Soon!

    La Tale's Gold Dart of Luck sale is ending soon!! Stock up now on discounted Darts while you can!!!

    Posted On : 05-07-2013

  • Events

    Level Up Before STORM

    Tons of events starting APRIL 18! Receive a Goose of Golden Egg, Toma's Fashion Coupon, Box of Growth, and MORE!

    Posted On : 04-17-2013

  • Events

    Bonus Easter Boost Event!

    Double XP + 50% IDR Boost all Easter Weekend!

    Posted On : 03-27-2013

  • Events

    Sunshine Before the STORM

    Enjoy the sunshine with these events to receive some big rewards! All you have to do is play, and you can get a Bunny Set, La Tale goods, and more!

    Posted On : 03-27-2013

  • Events

    March, 21 Days of fortune!! Everyday XP + IDR Boost for Everybody!!

    50% XP + IDR Boost during weekdays, double XP + IDR Boost during weekends!

    Posted On : 03-07-2013

  • Events

    La Tale – Get You and Your Valentine Something Special by spending Astros in the Fashion Shop Event: Purchased Love

    Valentine's Day Event #2 Inside!

    Posted On : 02-13-2013

  • Events

    Two of a Kind

    Hey La Talers, Valentine's Day is here, and wtih this new event you've got a chance to win something special for you and your partner!

    Posted On : 02-13-2013

  • Events

    End of January XP + IDR Boost!

    It's been a while! XP and IDR boost event is back!

    Posted On : 01-23-2013

  • Events

    La Tale's Next Top Fashion Designer!

    Design a fashion set, get it made! First time ever Astro payout prize! Forum poll is up!

    Posted On : 01-15-2013

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