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LaTale - Sun to Showers Events

Posted on : 2012-04-25 22:00:00.0 View : 7151

01. Fashion Design Contest
Event Date:04/26- 05/31
There are some very talented artistic skills out there in the LaTale community, and we want to reward them for their creativity.  Players will get the chance to draw, design, and possibly even get their fashion outfit put into the game!
How it works
  1. Design a Fashion outfit of at least 4 pieces (Head, body, feet, gloves) up to 6 (Head, Top, Bottom, Feet, Gloves, Accessory)
  2. Draw out your outfit while being able to label each area.
  3. Draw said fashion using any media (pencil, digital, and pixel), drawing must be original art, and not copy paste of other images.
First Place Ultimate Weapon Coupon x1, Weak Special Weapon Coupon x1 (LaTale Button)
Second Place Valkryie Weapon Coupon x1, Weak Special Weapon Coupon x1(LaTale Button)
Third Place Strong Weapon Coupon x1, Weak Special Weapon Coupon x1 (LaTale Button)
Participation Prize Peach Can x3
Additional Detail:.30% of participants will be chosen to get a LaTale button!  Image must be done within the Event Date.
The Date of Prize Award: 4/13

02. Streaming With LaTale
Event Date:04/05- 05/09
We want to encourage our players to take their gaming experience to others!  We’re offering the chance of already existing users, or new to the game users, to use Twitch TV to win prizes by streaming their gaming experience!
How it works

1. We’ll need players to have an account with Twitch TV.
-Please register through this link. (http://www.twitch.tv/user/signup)
-Doesn’t matter whether you had an account already or create it during event period.

2. During the event period, players will need to live stream (As many as you can to reach target goal). They’ll need to record live stream videos and these recorded videos have to be saved on your account.
-We’ll be tracking your account for counting views of recorded videos to see if provided information is correct.
-Please be reminded that when you do broadcasting please input “La Tale” in the title.
-To increase more viewers of your broadcasting, you may advertise through SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, Personal Blog, or etc...)

3. In the end of an event date, we’ll need you to post evidence, captured screenshots of your live stream effort in the event thread.
-Ultimately, our goal is to know your targeted views in the end of the event date.

As red marked box shown above, we will be counting the views of live stream during the event period to see if a result reaches our goal.
4. The prizes will be rewarded depending on views they achieve below.

Twitch TV (http://www.twitch.tv/)

Views Prize Awarded
20,000 Level 140 Character, Choice of an item x1
1000 Toma’s Fashion Coupon x2
500 Strong Special Weapon Coupon x1, Weak Special Weapon Coupon x1, Gold Dart of Luck x3
100 Prime XP Potion x2, Gold Dart of Luck x3

Additional Detail:
For those users who get over 20,000 views, they can receive a brand new character at level 140. They can decide gender, and basic class but it will not come with any job upgrades, or gear, titles or other bonus’. Additionally users can ask for 1 item of choice to be rewarded. The restriction for selecting an item would be same as “Make A Wish” event for last December, specifically items are to be ‘within reason’ which will be judged by a GM before prizes are fully handed out.
-30% of users who achieve 500 views will also be receiving La Tale button.

Captured screenshot above:
The red marked box of an image above indicates how many views you had for own broadcasting. In the end of the event date, finalized view counts supposed to be posted in the event thread to prove that you accomplished the event requirement.

Captured screenshot above:
An image above present user’s captured image in Twitch posted in the event thread. The image must show view counts!
The Date of Prize Award: 05/18

03. Coliseum Guide Event
When:04/05 - 05/09
1. Create a guide for Dot-nuri.
2.Make sure to include information related to Dot-nuri like techniques to avoid creatures, tips on zones, or other graphical information to convey what you think may help people in tackling Dot-nuri
3.The more creative/colorful, or spiced up the guide, the higher your chance of winning (You’re able to use video/Text/Images/Voice to help illustrate.)
4. Post it in the forum topic regarding it.
Participation Prize- Gold Dart of Luck x3
Grand Prizes:Astro Pet of Choice + LaTale Button
Note – 30% of participants will be picked to have a LaTale button sent to them.
Date of Prize award- 05/18
04. Welcome Back Event
When :04/05 - 05/09
Details:It can be hard sometimes getting back into a game, so that’s why we’re offering a unique ring to players who rejoin that offers bonus Experience Points.
  1. Have a character that was at least level 10, and had not logged in for 20 days (or more) prior to the event (10/02).
  2. Log in during the event with that character to be eligible for the Prize!
  3. Wait till the date of Prize of award and you’ll be rocking your new Welcome Ringx1
Participation Prize Welcome Ring x1

Date of Prize award:05/18

05. Double IDR/XP Event
When: 04/26- 05/09
1. Log in during  Saturday/Sunday between either 10:00 – 12:00 or 16:00 – 18:00 OGPTime (Pacific Standard Time), and receive 2x bonus Item Drop Rate, and Experience Points.

06. Number 1 Club
When: 04/26- 05/09
1. Post a screenshot of you winng the 1stplace LaDeck prize. (Must have won 1st place LaDeck between the date of 04/26- 05/09
2. Post screenshot in the forum post in the contest section.
3. GM will review it and send you message through the forum private message.
4. Please show up at the location where the GM informed you to.

P.S- There will be a conflict to make an appointment with players, so GM will ask twice to show up in the location that asked to players. Please be showed up otherwise you will not be eligible for receiving 15x Gold Dart of Luck.
Participation Prize : Gold Dart of Luck x15
Date of Prize award: 05/18

07. Win Ladeck, Win again!
When: 04/26- 05/09
Details :
1. Purchase either 10, 20, or 40 darts during the event period.
2. You will receive either 1, 2, or 4 darts as a prize, and be entered for a chance at the grand prize!
Purchase Receive
Gold Dart of Luck x10 Gold Dart of Luck x1
Gold Dart of Luck x20 Gold Dart of Luck x2
Gold Dart of Luck x30 Gold Dart of Luck x3
Gold Dart of Luck x40 Gold Dart of Luck x4

Date of Prize award: 05/18

08. Comic Comedy Contest
Event Period: 04/26- 05/09
How to Participate
You and a friend write a script for and draw a short comic somehow related to La Tale or people you know from La Tale and post it on a art site, or on facebook.  Link, or give a link to a image showing the image.
Participation Prize–Gold Darts of Luck x4
Grand Prize– Astro Pet of Choice + LaTale Button
Note – 30% of participants will be picked to have a LaTale button sent to them.
Date of Prize award- 05/18

09. Funniest Caption Contest
When: 04/26- 05/09
Details :
1. Copy the provided image to your computer
2. Open it up in a image editing software (photoshop, paint, ect), and add your own funny caption.
3. Upload the image to any image hosting site (photobucket, tinypic, ect). And link the image in the forum thread!

Participation Prize :  Peach Can x1
Grand Prize: Astro Pet of your Choice + LaTale Button
Note – 30% of participants will be picked to have a LaTale button sent to them.
Date of Prize award: 05/18
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