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Patch Notes - February 15, 2017

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Gamble Updates
Infinite Chest
- Hero Set Coupon
- Soulless Set Coupon
La Deck
[1st Place]
Hand of Midas (30 Days) Title Guidebook
Petite Degos Coupon
Bork Coupon
[2nd Place]
Flying Carpet Coupon
Hoppity Coupon
Lulu Coupon
Honey Bee Coupon
Direwolf Coupon
[3rd Place]
Toma's Fashion Coupon
Advanced Coliseum Weapon +15 Coupon
Prime EXP Artifact (3 Days) Guidebook x3
Prime Item Artifact (3 Days) Guidebook x3
[4th Place]
Legendary Afterimage Case
Pet Reassign Puzzle x2
Valhalla Weapon Box
[5th Place]
Craft Remedy (+20) x2
Superior EXP Artifact (7 Days) Guidebook x2
Knight's Ruby Weapon Box
[6th Place]
Prime Item Nostrum x2
Syrup Coupon
Immortal Plant (30 Days) x2
[7th Place]
Enchant Remedy x3
Greater Super Enchantment Puzzle Coupon x3
Item Nostrum
[8th Place]
Guild Crop Seed Box x3
Grape Can
[9th Place]
Lesser Super Enchantment Puzzle Coupon
[Event] Elixir Box
Gold Splurge 2 Emoticon Guidebook x3
[10th Place]
Shadow Assassin Title Guidebook (1/2000) x5
Shadow Assassin Title Guidebook (1/10000) x10
Ely Master Title Guidebook (1/2000) x5
For a complete list of gamble box items, please refer to our Forum Thread.

Flash Sales
Panpao the Pandao - 349 Astros
February 17th 00:00 ~ February 19th 23:59
Premium Stimulant x5
Pet Damage Puzzle x5
Pet Reassign Puzzle x5
Captain Jack's Stolen Goods - 198 Astros
February 24th 00:00 ~ February 26th 23:59
Captain Jack's Stone (30 Days)
Captain Jack's Compass (30 Days)
Hello Mr. Monkey (30 Days) Title Guidebook
Afterimage +6 Case (30 Days)
General Inventory Bag

Art of Gambling - 398 Astros
March 3rd 00:00 ~ March 5th 23:59
Infinite Chest x40
Gold Dart of Luck x40
Prime EXP Artifact (7 Days) Guidebook
Prime Item Artifact (7 Days) Guidebook

Server Performance Feedback

We have been receiving increased reports of lag spikes occurring in specific regions. If you have been experiencing abnormal lag spikes during the past few days, please fill out our server performance survey to help us identify and resolve the issue.
20 random players who fill out the survey will receive a [Event] EXP Potion (+888).

Participation prizes for Valentine's Day Fashion Event have been sent to your Gift Bundle.
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