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Patch Notes - January 4, 2017

Posted on : 2017-01-04 15:00:00.0 View : 2410

Gamble Updates
Infinite Chest
- Wind Stalker's Dragonfly Set Coupon
- Full Metal Set Coupon

Infinite Box
- Infinite Box has been discontinued.
La Deck
[1st Place]
- Marina Coupon
- Hand of Midas (30 Days) Title Guidebook
- Petite Degos Coupon
- Agasura's Nightmare Gem Box
- Stone Golem Coupon
- Milky Way Coupon
[2nd Place]
- Dragon Poe Coupon
- Flying Carpet Coupon
- Honey Bee Coupon
- Direwolf Coupon
- King Leo Coupon
- Griffin Coupon
- Angry Tank Coupon
- Drakon Coupon
- Little Panda Coupon
- Lulu Coupon
For a complete list of gamble box items, please refer to our Forum Thread.
Fashion Shop Updates
- Patchwork Bunny has been added to the Fashion Shop!
(You can find this item under Pet -> Pet pg.1 or Recommended pg.2)
- All Beauty items will be on 50% sale until the next scheduled maintenance!
- Character Slot Card will be on 30% sale until the next scheduled maintenance!
- Baby Honey Bee's Astro price has been reduced (165A -> 110A).
- Kazno Stone (30 Days) and Levi Stone (30 Days)' Astro prices have been reduced.
Bug Fixes
- Various Demigod-line equipment have been added to Toma's exchange lists:
         - Advanced Coliseum Magic Rod +10 to Coliseum Desire Coupon
         - Valkyrie Magic Rod +8 to Valkyrie’s Desire Coupon
         - Advanced Coliseum Magic Rod +13 to Advanced Coliseum Weapon +13
         - Darkness Gloves of Rage, Darkness Plate of Rage, Darkness Clip of Rage, Darkness Boots of Rage, and Darkness Ring of Rage to Ultimate Special
         - Red Flame Gloves of Rage, Red Flame Plate of Rage, Red Flame Clip of Rage, Red Flame Boots of Rage, and Red Flame Ring of Rage to Ultimate
         Special Armor 2
         - Twilight Gloves of Rage, Twilight Plate of Rage, Twilight Clip of Rage, Twilight Boots of Rage, and Twilight Ring of Rage to Ultimate Special Armor 3
         - Red Flame Glasses of Rage, Red Flame Stockings of Rage, Red Flame Crystal of Rage, Darkness Glasses of Rage, Darkness Stockings of Rage, and
         Darkness Crystal of Rage to Ultimate Special Accessory 2
- Naol Ga's skill animations have been corrected.
- Certain skills causing the client to crash in various instance dungeons (including Unknown Warehouse 16) have been corrected.

Blessing Packages

1. Server Compensation
Due to packet losses and heavy lag spikes caused by unexpected network maintenances during December 19 ~ December 23, players that have logged in at least once during this period will receive the following compensation package:
- Rose Key (30 Days)
- [Event] EXP Potion (+888)
2. Goddess' Blessing
To celebrate the start of 2017 and your journey that lies ahead, players that have logged in on at least 2 days during December 19 ~ December 31 will be blessed by Goddess Seres and her gifts:
- Goddess' Card (30 Days)
- [Event] Quest Reward +100 (30 Days) Guidebook
3. King's Attendance
Players that have logged in on at least 10 days during December 19 ~ December 31 will also receive a special reward for their excellent attendance record:
- [Event] King's Attendance (30 Days) Guidebook

If you have not received any rewards for packages that you have qualified for, please send us a Help Desk ticket.
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