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Maintenance Notice - January 4, 2017 - Completed

Posted on : 2017-01-03 17:00:00.0 View : 2390

Hello Heroes,
Scheduled maintenance on January 4, 2017 is now complete.
This maintenance included gamble updates, a new pet to Fashion Shop, beauty item sales, and new year's blessing packages.
Infinite Box will be discontinued from the Fashion Shop after this maintenance.
Dragon Trainer Package in the Web Promo Shop and Steam DLC will be discontinued after this maintenance; we are planning to add a new gift package in the near future.
1. Server Compensation
Due to packet losses and heavy lag spikes caused by unexpected network maintenances during December 19 ~ December 23, players that have logged in at least once during this period will receive the following compensation package:
- Rose Key (30 Days)
- [Event] EXP Potion (+888)
2. Goddess' Blessing
To celebrate the start of 2017 and your journey that lies ahead, players that have logged in on at least 2 days during December 19 ~ December 31 will be blessed by Goddess Seres and her gifts:
- Goddess' Card (30 Days)
- [Event] Quest Reward +100 (30 Days) Guidebook
3. King's Attendance
Players that have logged in on at least 10 days during December 19 ~ December 31 will also receive a special reward for their excellent attendance record:
- [Event] King's Attendance (30 Days) Guidebook
You can check in on our Twitter, Facebook, or main page for updates on the server's status.
Thank you for your continued support.
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